A new application of the Archdeacon museum will lead you to the dream of Bishop Karel

NEWS | 26. 5. 2017

Interactive novelty for families with children was devised

The Robber by David Černý is on the Museum of Modern Art

NEWS | 19. 5. 2017

The opening of a new sculpture by David Černý on the Museum

The Art Museum has won a prestigious prize in the Gloria musaealis

ACTUALITY 18. 5. 2017

Publishing By charcoal, paintbrush, scalpel...Collection

A new tablet application has already been tested in Kromeriz

ACTUALITY|16. 5. 2017

Premiere with a tablet application was attended by visitors

Václav Sokol started his exhibition at the Theater of Music

ACTUALITY | 17. 5. 2017

Glasses, banners and other drawings - this is the title of the new exhibition in the Theater of Music dedicated to the creation of the famous Czech artist, graphic artist and illustrator Václav Sokol. The exhibition, which runs until the end of June, personally started.

Fascination with reality

Hyperrealism in czech painting
20th April – 10th September 2017

Under Marsyas´ skin

The Art Academy Graduate and Restorer František Sysel (1927 – 2013)
7th April 2017 – 8th June 2017

Adolf Hölzel | Drawings

Inspection of the Collections of the Olomouc Museum of Art
6th April – 29th October 2017 

Jan Němeček | Reynkovi / Petrkov

4. 4. to 25. 6. 2017 | CAFE AMADEUS | FREE ENTRY
exhibition of photographs

In that housel Thou art all runishly

Variations of Eucharistic Christ in Visual Culture
23th March – 10th September 2017

Immediate Temples

A Reflection on Archetypes and Rites in Czech Performance and Conceptual Art
2nd March – 11th June 2017

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