NEWS | August 19, 2015 Olomouc Museum of Art continues successfully in developing cooperation with leading cultural institutions in Europe...

NEWS | August 19, 2015

Olomouc Museum of Art continues successfully in developing cooperation with leading cultural institutions in Europe. Czech culture in those days museum represents at two major international exhibitions. On Saturday, August 15 at the Museum of Art Moritzburg in Halle, Germany, started Reprise of the Olomouc exhibition of anthroposophic art Aenigma. Since the beginning of July, is held in Swedish Landskrona representative exhibition of Czech photography, which comes primarily from large photographic collections of the Museum of Olomouc.

Painting, sculpture, graphic art, architecture, design, furniture, books, clothing, jewelry and toys – all these arts and crafts disciplines are represented at the exhibition Aenigma, which after its premiere in Olomouc (March 19 to July 26, 2015) moved to prestigious German Museum of Art Moritzburg in Halle. The project, on which work together institutions and collectors from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and Ukraine, is the worlds first attempt to summarize the long history of anthroposophic art and its inclusion in the history of visual culture. “The German reprise differs slightly from our premiere, in a number of exhibits, on behalf of certain authors and also in the fact that the exhibition space is not painted, as was the case in Olomouc,” said curator Ivo Binder, who attended Saturdays opening together with Head of the Department of Modern and contemporary Art Gina Renotière. Aenigma reprise takes place in two locations – in the museum Moritzburg and twenty kilometers distant village Ostrau. „The owner of the local castle, Hans-Hasso von Veltheim was a longtime student and promoter of the ideas of the philosopher and founder of anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner, with whom he met 1916 is commenced. He was a distinctive thinker, traveler and co-founder of the Pan-European Movement. During his life the castle in Ostrau became an important center of meeting not only anthroposofist and theosophist, but was open to all free thinking intellectuals from all continents. Into the funeral chapel, which was commissioned to reconstruct designed by prominent artists anthroposophic painter Marie-Strakosch Gieslerová and architect Felix Kayser were allowed to be his remains stored until 34 years after his death in 1990,“ explained Binder. Further details HERE.

In Swedish Landskrona represents Olomouc Museum of Art from July 2 to 6 September a set of more than two hundred photographs by leading Czech photographers. The first ever large-scale exhibition of Czech photography in Scandinavia called View Czech Republic, which the Museum has prepared in collaboration with the photo historian Vladimir Birgus includes classics such as Drtikol, Funke, Rössler and Sudek, but also contemporary authors. The exhibition is part of the accompanying program of the prestigious festival Landskrona Photo, which takes place August 20 to 30 and will also include lectures of Vladimir Birgus, photographer Jindrich Streit and curator of the photography collection of the Museum of Art in Olomouc Štěpánka Bieleszová.