14 Dec 2017
FRI | 10. 11. |6.30 P. M. | THE MUSIC THEATER | FREE ENTRY 10. 11. 2017 – 7. 1. 2018
FRI | 10. 11. |6.30 P. M. | THE MUSIC THEATER | FREE ENTRY
423th opening in the Gallery of the Theater of Music

The 423th exhibition will be presented by Veronika Přikrylová at the Gallery of the Theater of Music. Artist who constantly returns to his work on already created objects and easily accessible goods as signs of consumer society. The patriotism of their everyday use encourages them to re-enter into dialogue and intentional interventions, often of a radical nature, to disturb their surface. By transforming consistently changing the established view and casting an ironic shadow of doubt on the created image within historical development. For the Theater of Music he has prepared a series of authors casts of draperies, which he combines with various items.