13 Feb 2017
ACTUALITY | 17. 5. 2017 Glasses, banners and other drawings - this is the title of the new exhibition in the Theater of Music dedicated to the creation of the famous Czech artist, graphic artist and illustrator Václav Sokol. The exhibition, which runs until the end of June, personally started.

ACTUALITY | 17. 5. 2017

The new exhibition at the Music Theater focused on the creation of Czech artist, graphic artist and illustrator Václav Sokol. This is especially fascinated by the objects of the everyday life of our lives, which are quite ordinary, and we do not even reflect in a special way. Glasses, aquariums, caps, house, church, meadow, water surface – all artists hands get timeless meaning. The shape itself frees itself from the details and stylizes it, often at the very limit of recognizability. Nevertheless, this limit never exceeds. The character, the thing and the landscape detail, such as the mountains, or the rising sunbone, are the means to reveal the timeless values ​​displayed.

Václav Sokol then personally participated in the opening of the exhibition, which will take place in the Theater Theater until the end of June this year.

The exhibition is accessible according to the current program in the Theater of Music or by personal agreement at jenista@olmuart.cz.