Universum: Pavel Büchler | SEFO 2021 Triennial

24 Jun 2021 - 02 Jan 2022
Museum of Modern Art
Pavel Büchler, Voice of the People (1), 1991
Pavel Büchler, Voice of the People (1), 1991

The exhibition of Pavel Büchlers work prepared as part of the SEFO 2021 Triennial will consist of four components covering the three decades of his work – from extreme enlargements of details of daily press photographs characteristic of his work in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with found text, sound and objects, up to his current interest in using the limited possibilities of letterpress technology. 

The Voice of the People (1991) was originally prepared for the exhibition Czechoslovak Photography in Exile (1992) and has not been re-exhibited since. What the Cleaners Found (1997) is a series of authors brochures covering the unintentional poetics of materials that accompany art school work – study rules and curricula, disciplinary rules, handbooks, circulars and reports, payroll, official correspondence, price list of office supplies and the authors own professional CV. It was created when Büchler was the head of the Glasgow School of Fine Arts. Fly (Fly, 2009) is a light exit indicator of an obsolete type, from which the sound of a fly “trapped” inside is heard. The last work will be created specifically for the triennial and will reflect the tension of the universe-world-home relationship.

Curator: Gina Renotière