18 Aug 2014

6 June 2014 – 28 September 2014
Archiepiscopal Chateau and gardens in Kroměříž, Archdiocesan Museum in Kroměříž

The restoration of two valuable tapestries with the theme of the Holy Family,  part of the collections of the Archbishopric of Olomouc, took the experts of the Moravian Tapestry Manufacture in Valašské Meziříčí  six long years. The restored monumental works from the late 17th century, which are probably a fragment of an unpreserved larger cycle of the life of the Virgin Mary, will be first shown to the public on the occasion of the completed intensive refurbishment of the Flower Garden in Kroměříž, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What do the tapestry and the Flower Garden have in common? In the background of the major scenes of both tapestries, there are views of the Renaissance and Baroque gardens, which were probably directly requested by the customer and, at the same time, initiator and builder of the Chateau Gardens in Kroměříž; the Bishop of Olomouc, Karel II. of Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn. The exhibition will also touch upon landscape architecture and will present this important part of the lifestyle of Baroque man in selected exhibits.