23 Feb 2015
March 5 to April 1, 2008

March 5 to April 1, 2008
Museum of Modern Art | Café 87

The varied exhibition program cafes Olomouc Museum of Modern Art continues from Wednesday, March 5th exhibition of the painter and conceptual artist Peter Horak. Thirty-seven, an artist who currently lives in Zlin, called imaginary taste of his creation “Saturday Night Fever | The Day After Tomorrow.”

Substitution artistic genres, both known and lesser-known names – one word diversity. This is the motto of the exhibition dramaturgy Café 87. “Introducing young unknown artists and their established colleagues, we give space photography, graphic arts, painting and concept. Shows the change quickly. Trying to make coffee for visitors to the museum was still attractive not only beverage assortment, but also in the artistic sense, “said curator David Hrbek.

Varied is also very Horákova installation called “Saturday Night Fever | The Day After Tomorrow.” It consists namely paintings, photographs, prints and projections. “As is obvious from the title, the entire installation plays with references to pop culture. But her interpretation would prefer leaving it to the audience. Alone I do not like things that visually read a few seconds, I need to watch them at least a day to find something new. Like a good book to read just once is not enough. On the contrary, I like things that spin and go their own way, “said Horak, whose video Plein Air is represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague.