29 Mar 2016
Movements of the Soul (Drawings) 6. 4. - 30. 6. 2016

6. 4. – 30. 6. 2016

Jana Peterková studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under prof. Miloš Šejn with annual transfers into the studio of prof. Vladimir Kokolia and prof. Milan Knížák. Between 2002-2010 she worked as a lecturer at the School of conceptual art prof. Milos Šejna.

Jana Peterkova drawings are based on observations of the movements of bodies during meeting of people who have built themselves a constellation of their families. When you insight into many families and their disruption in relations through selected representatives appeared yet another dimension – the dimension of spirit. Disruption of family order is transmitted to the movement of the body selected representatives in the area. Everything is here, it does not move by itself. The force that moves everything, assumes consciousness. Every movement, especially every living movement is a conscious movement. Each movement is finally moving the mind and spirit.