02 Mar 2015
February 18 to April 1, 2015

Architectural Theatre Ječmen studio | Architects rose-colored glasses

February 18 to April 1, 2015
Opening and happening: February 18, 2014 at 18 hours before the wall at the Art Museum in Olomouc
Museum of Modern Art | Music Theatre

Launching the architectural theater – a new exhibition, discussion and lecture platform that provides facilities for activities related to architecture. The planned year-long program will focus on the presentation of contemporary architecture in the form of temporary interventions selected architects and architectural historians and theorists of the younger generation, who mediate their work and the themes to the long-term deal.

Premiere procure happening and exhibition Olomouc Ječmen studio, which was awarded the Grand Prix of Architects 2014 as mountain guesthouse Králičák in Hynčice pod Sušinou. Project Architects pink sunglasses authors respond to the free and the street normally invisible vacant lot adjacent to the Museum of Art Olomouc. That happens to them stage a street in front of her again auditorium. Before the fence, across the entire width sidewalk will be installed through a ramp, which will remove the imaginary whistle pedestrians below the top edge of the fence, where they can look down into the vacant lot. Behind the fence authors passers viewers items prepared glasses, colored glass with printed visions – possibility to use a vacant lot.


Theatrical form happening staged Ječmen studio space in a vacant lot architectural visualization sea in Olomouc. Sunning and bathing helpers, ship and waves of backdrops, honking gulls, projections Basilica on Holy Hill on the gable of the house opposite. “Performance” affix commentary architect Lukáš Blažek a moderator Michal Vrba. Recording events will become part of the exhibition at the Theatre of architecture. The exhibition space in the Music Theatre, which are also part of the cafe will be built ramps segment of scaffolding and projections recording happening. Happening accompany discussion about how to use free of undeveloped land in cities.