9 : 16 The Flow of Time 

25 Feb 2018 - 11 Mar 2018
Museum of Modern Art

The public presentation of artistic projects in the form of large-screen projections will be held on the premises of Jankovič’s exhibition

„9:16 RGB“screen at the entrance to the Museum of Modern Art |February 26 – April 29, 2018 each day from 9:16 p.m. until midnight

The exhibition of Jozef Jankovič is being held on the anniversary of his eightieth birthday, at which time the art community was struck with the news of his sudden passing. Tribute is thus being paid to this leading personality of Slovak sculpture from the 2nd half of the 20th century. In addition to the recommended areas below, there is space for the presentation of various forms of artistic projects, interventions in the public space and free associations to join to the personality and work of Jozef Jankovič and sculpture in general. 

moving / static image • animation • video • new media

Recommended areas:

1) The topic of the flow of time and the reflection of changes occurring in the society (social-cultural, historic, political factors) in relation to an individual; post-conceptual interpretation (electronic image/video in a synergy with a space, an object, the surrounding environment). 

2) An intervention in Jozef Jankovič’s work freely developing his original morphology within your own artistic expression. 

3) The use of processes of the common artistic fields in the area of new media and current technologies (after Jankovič who became one of the pioneers of computer graphics in the Slovak visual art).

Participating artists and projects:
Radka Bodzevič Doubravová, The Border, 2017, mixed media on canvas, video recording, 05:49 min. 
Mohsen Zare, DVLottery, 2015, video art, 03:13 min.
David Bartoš, The Time around the Wall, 2015, video, 02:41 min.
Jan Kubeš (De Ardoise), The Time, 2017, video, 01:24 min.
Pavel Matoušek, Simulacro do Sismo, 2015, video, 03:38 min.
Lenka Vilhelmová, The House is not Alone, 2017, digital video, 01:00 min.
Jan Chlup, Flat Logic – The Book, 2017 (2160×1920), 2014/2017 (4K remastered), digital video, 01:30 min.
Lucia Čarnecká, She, 2017, video/animation, 00:51 min.
Zuzana Graus Rudavská, The Flow of Time, 2017, video, 02:30 min.
Aleš Svoboda, Circling, 2017, digital projection, processing, 02:00 min.
Zovinec Bros. (Jozef Žovinec, Martin Žovinec), Transformation: Developer, Swimming Pool, 2015, CG animation, video, 00:57, 01:06 min.; Sculpturistika 2011, editing of project events, 02:30 min.
Jeongsoo Lim, Background, Background, 2017, 2-channel video, 05:00 min.

Students of the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Art of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica: Kristína Doležalová, Nikoleta Gažová, Anna Sigetová, Dominika Šímová, Michal Baláž, Michal Mažáry, Alžběta Mandúchová, Lucia Hunadyová, Karin Gallová, Denisa Lodnánková, Matej Zavodan, Dominik Britanák, Juraj Schikor,
Reinterpretation of the work of Jozef Jankovič Victims‘ Warning of the Slovak National Uprising Memorial in Banská Bystrica by students of the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Art of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica from 2016
photographs: Ivana Sláviková, Eva Masaryková, Marek Galbavý, edit: Eva Masaryková, 2018, 04:16 min.

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