NEWS | 19. 10. 2017 Saturday afternoon will be an unusual urban game in Olomouc - Through the golden dice on the way. Those who engage in it will get a special map with five stops, and then they will know the history of the Jewish community, from the Middle Ages to the Second World War.

NEWS | 19. 10. 2017

Days of Jewish culture are not just lectures, concerts and theatrical performances, but also playful fun. This is evidenced by the urban game Over the golden dice on the way that the lecturers of the Education Department of the Museum of Art made available on Saturday. Inspiration found in the Stolpersteins, golden cubes, which remind of the tragic fate of the Olomouc Jews.

“Players will walk around the city according to a special map where the orientation is difficult, as the map itself looks like. Bright is just a start in the courtyard of the former Jesuit horse and goal in the Archdiocesan Museum, but the remaining places have to be found by the players themselves “, outlines the rules of the game her organizer Hana Lamatová.

Five stops are waiting for the player to be clearly marked on the map. At each point he learns something from the history of the Olomouc Jews.

“There will be a man who has put down his trunk. The player has to look at him and find out what hes hiding. Everything is different and everyone talks about different periods of history and about different personalities from Olomouc. From the trunk the players will also learn everything essential to continue the game, “says Hana Lamatová.

The trunks will portray the history of the Olomouc Jews from the Middle Ages to the Second World War.

“When the players complete the game plan and pass through all five habitats, a reward is waiting for them at the Archdiocese Museum. What? That will be a surprise, “the urban game organizer laughed.

The game begins on Saturday at 2 pm at the Jewish Gate (today the Palacky Center of Arts Center in Olomouc.)