Local scene

místní scéna
The Triennial format is unique in that, besides the thematic exhibitions held in the Museum of Modern Art and interventions in the public space of the city, it turns significantly to local partners, inviting them to collaborate and collectively create a programme related to the theme of MOMENTS. Among these are the Olomouc galleries XY, Caesar, Basement Project, Praktik, and Rub, and festivals such as Academia Film Olomouc and Theatre Flora and the gallery walk XY. A special place is also held by the Prague gallery VI PER, with which we are preparing programmes both in Prague and in Olomouc, and other partners from foreign institutions and centres.

Thus, the Triennial also serves as a platform for meeting and collaborating with other extraordinary curatorial and organising personalities on the cultural scene, whose activities, ambitions, and goals overlap with ours or at least meet them at certain moments. Mutual support, shared expertise, and reciprocal collaboration are the foundational pillars of these partnerships.

On the eve of the Triennial, we will embark together on the XY Walk, a popular vernissage afternoon taking place across the Olomouc gallery scene. This year, the curators will introduce artists operating in Wrocław, Poland. One of the partner exhibitions will take place at Gallery XY, where the curators Irena Lehkoživová and Barbora Špičáková will present an updated reconstruction of the 2006 project by the artist Tomáš Džadoň, Memorial to Folk Architecture (PĽA). Gallery XY will also host presentations of architectural projects by the Miroslav Šik School of Architecture this autumn. Another architectural studio – Studio A4 by Roman Brychta, Markéta Mráčková, and Barbora Šimonová from Prague’s UMPRUM – will be featured at the Caesar Gallery. In cooperation with the Rub gallery and related to the Central European Ghetto project, we will present in specific detail another corner of the extensive Spielmann genealogy. Adam Lacina is preparing a project for Gallery Praktik dedicated to the legendary legionnaire, clergyman, painter, architect, and builder Vsevolod Kolomacky, who was behind the construction of more than 90 Orthodox churches in Czechoslovakia (including St. Gorazd’s Church in Olomouc). In the newly opened Basement Project gallery, we will introduce projects by the architect Nela Vicanová and the Polish photographer Tytus Szabelski this autumn. Together with Academia Film Olomouc, we produced and premiered the Olomouc episode of the Talking Objects podcast as part of the festival programme. In cooperation with Theatre Flora, we invited the dance group Hungry Sharks, which presented the movement performance Beton Brut at the S-Club. With the Polish Institute, we are preparing a podcast series focused on the artists exhibiting at the Triennial, and with the Hungarian Cultural Institute, we are organising a debate dedicated to museums, galleries, and cultural institutions as democratic spaces. Prague’s VI PER gallery is a detached workplace of this year’s Triennial. Besides the exhibition by Tomáš Džadoň, its curators Irena Lehkoživová and Barbora Špičáková are preparing exhibitions of Tytus Szabelski and Aglaia Konrad straddling Prague and Olomouc.


Tomáš Džadoň, AVU, School of Architecture (Miroslav Šik, Anna Svobodová, Lenka Milerová), Hungry Sharks, Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner, Tytus Szabelski, UMPRUM, Studio A4 (Roman Brychta, Markéta Mráčková, Barbora Šimonová), Nela Vicanová