Vojtěch Radakulan

Vojtěch Radakulan (Česká republika)

*1991 (Czech Republic)
education: Academy of Fine Arts (Prague, 2010–2017), Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (2013–2018), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University (2021–)
lives and works in Prague

Vojtěch Radakulan works in the fields of fine art, architecture, and interactive computer graphics. The core of his work is the exploration of simulations and the creation of fictional worlds through drawing, text, physical installations, game engines, or rendering programs. Within these worlds, Radakulan provides visitors with a space to play at being something or someone else and to attempt to see complex themes such as new technologies, asymmetric relationships, or globalization issues from the perspective of another person, a computer, or even a pine cone.

It’s as if houses were keys, 2024

An interactive computer installation based on people’s interaction with a custom-made control resembling a keyboard. The keys are models of houses from the history, present, and future of Olomouc. When a key is pressed, a virtual counterpart on the screen is depressed like a key and says something about itself. What may seem like a peculiar version of an information board at first turns into something else after a while. On the connected screen, the house comes to life and begins to react. However, each house does it a little differently. While the collective desires of all the houses are not entirely clear, most want to remain standing. Some houses change with the press of a button, others resist, flee, demand the player to demolish another house, protest, or engage in conversation with the visitor. Houses are thus more like individuals, players, rather than just pieces and shapes made of bricks, much like in our everyday lives. It depends on each visitor how much they want to influence this strange city and what strategy they choose to play with the city.