NEWS: 09 05 2022 Record the sky and their changes day by day in one year - this is now offered by the SEFO enclosure at the Museum of Modern Art. Its author is the visual artist Michal Kindernay. Come see her.

NEWS: 09 05 2022

Day after day, Michal Kindernay scans the sky above his studio to record everything that has happened in it and to report on the sky of one place and one year. He is not interested in the current state on individual days, but as a scientist he collects enough data to synthesize it into the resulting images. In Calendar of the Sky, he uses a similar approach to that he uses when collecting field recordings, which he then compiles into compositions and applies in his sound works. The composition here is a year divided into lengthening and shortening days with crescendos at dawn and diminuendos at dusk. Just as the field recordings, with their richness of sound sources, serve as documents of the soundscape, the constantly passing, accumulating, or completely disappearing clouds in the recordings convey an important message about the state of the skyscape. And Michal Kindernay keeps on shooting.


Michal Kindernay (*1978) is a renowned contemporary artist working in intermedia and sound art. In his practice, Kindernay combines various media, from spatial audiovisual installations and objects, through video documents and field recordings to electro-acoustic compositions, which all share his fundamental interest in ecological processes and environmental engagement. He is a silent observer, tireless explorer, unusual scientist, and tenacious experimenter. His creative methods are firmly