Instalace výstavy Zde se nacházíte v podkroví Arcidiecézního muzea Olomouc
Stálá expozice Zde se nacházíte

Not only the contents of the new permanent exhibition of the Archdiocesan Museum – Here You Are, but also the architectural form captivate visitors and experts. It is Jan Šépka’s architectural design that is now the focus of the Korean magazine C3 magazine, which in its current issue highlights Šépka’s unusual design.

“The challenge for the architect was determining how to intervene in the existing space, as the old wooden structure alone was not suitable for the exhibition environment. The solution involved affixing concrete panels along the contours of the walls and roof, creating a structure akin to a house within a house. ,” says the C3 magazine article.

But the Korean magazine is not the only one to take notice of the extraordinary feat. For example, Japanese website Tecture mag, which focuses on next-generation spatial design, notes the technical part of the building: “All of the newly inserted building envelopes meet the thermal specifications while integrating all the amenities such as HVAC and lighting. No new equipment or insulation has been added to the loft space itself, preserving the feel of the old structure.”

ArchDaily, one of the world’s most popular architecture websites, read by nearly 18 million people a month, has also written about the architectural design of the permanent exhibition Here You Are. For example, he writes: “The new structure corresponds to our time and the old retains its patina and atmosphere.”

Archello, the architecture and design platform, in turn describes Šépek’s solution as both sensitive and exciting, inserting a new gallery space into an existing loft.