NEWS | 8. 11. 2017 A series of original draperies and prints combined with drawing will be presented by a young Czech artist Veronika Přikrylová on Friday at the Gallery of Music Theater. Inspiration is the stuff of everyday use that gives it a new look.

NEWS | 8. 11. 2017

The 423rd exhibition will be presented by Veronika Přikrylová at the Gallery of the Theater of Music. Artist who constantly returns to his already created objects and easily accessible goods as symbols of the consumer society.

For example, in her diploma thesis she literally “dressed” an eagle statue as part of her presentation at the Altman Klamovka in Prague (Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagle, 2017). The Gallery of the Theater of Music presents a series of original draperies and prints, which combined with the drawing, through which it reaches the pulp itself and the related mental aspect.

The patronage of everyday use of things by Veronika Přikryl encourages them to re-enter into dialogue and deliberate interventions, often of a radical nature, to disrupt their form. The degree of transformation is in itself a disruptive nature, consistently altering the established view and casting an ironic shadow of doubt on the created image in the context of historical development.

The show of Veronika Přikrylová, called Show Me Something Natural, will kick off on Friday, November 10 at 18:30, at the opening of the Music Theater. The exhibition itself will last until January 7, 2018.