NEWS | 15. 2. 2018 Last year, the Music Theater prepared for its visitors two hundred twenty-two programs, including sixty-nine puppet shows for the smallest audience. There were 20,196 people in his auditorium.

NEWS | 15. 2. 2018

Visitors to the Music Theater could attend two hundred and twenty-two shows last year. There were seventeen concerts, forty-seven theater performances, twenty lectures or talks, and ninety-six puppet shows for the smallest audience.

The audience of the Music Theater visited 20,196 people last year. Most of them aimed for puppet shows for children, with just 6,741 visitors. The Theater of Music has long been offering the best of puppet theaters in the Czech Republic. The performances are for parents with children, but also for schools and kindergartens. The next show will be on Sunday, the Pošťák fairy tale by the Karossa Theater.

Adults also came to their own. 5,791 visitors came to the Theater of Music at a variety of theatrical performances, such as the adaptation of the cult novel Warren Miller – Prezydent Stepadels. The music arrived in the theater in 2017 to listen to 1,136 people, and a hundred and fifty-two people were more interested in the talks and lectures they held here. One of the most popular stalls of the Theater of Music is the David Hrbka DH talk show in DH.

In addition to the Theater of Music, Mozarteum is also part of the Art Museum. Two 2931 visitors arrived in these beautiful Archdiocesan Museums for eighty eight shows last year. Including a film club for a demanding audience – Filmart.