NEWS | 31. 7. 2017 The music theater had been dressed for exotic weekend in the past weekend. The Colores flamencos festival was here. At first he introduced the culture and poetics of the Latin-American countries Tomáš Hanák to the audience and then played the international group MiraMundo.

NEWS | 31. 7. 2017

The exotics include excursions to the summer, and Colors Flamencos festival to Olomouc. Traditionally, some of his shows are also on the boards of the Music Theater, and this year it was not different. The past weekend brought the audience to a culture of Latin American countries.

Fridays evening was part of the Music Theater with the poetic name of Perlas latinas. His guide was a popular Czech actor Tomáš Hanák. The audience featured works by South American writers, poets and musicians such as Luis Sepulveda, Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra, Osvaldo Soriano, Nicolás Guillén, Heitor Villa Lobos, Luiz Bonfá and Joao Pernambuco.

The real atmosphere of the Spanish-speaking countries was underlined by Hanáks musical accompaniment, which was made by Czech guitarist Petr Vít and Uruguayan bassist Andres Ibarburu.

Soundtrack for traveling

Sunday also included music, and not any. In the Theater of Music, the Barcelona, ​​but essentially the international group MiraMundo, was shown. Its members come from all over the world. The founder of the group, Luiz Murá, sucks. He comes from Rio de Janeiro but has his Brazilian-Japanese-Portuguese-Italian ancestors and certainly does not limit himself to geographical or national boundaries when choosing his teammates.

He himself went from Brazil to the world, and MiraMundo was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Its members include Mura – Agostino Aragno from Italy, Desirée Garcia Miras from Spain and Ernesto Vargas from Mexico. Each one comes from another country and each of them has added to the sound of the band its cultural heritage.