News | 27. 2. 2015

News | 27. 2. 2015

Prize of the Director of the Prague Festival of Music Theatre Opera in 2015 imported Moravian Theatre Olomouc for staging of Viktor Ullmanns The Fall of the Antichrist. The premiere of the award-winning productions, directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský and rehearsed the music Miloslav Oswald, last year launched the Days of Jewish culture – the traditional festival organized by the Music Theatre and Olomouc Museum of Art. Author Affiliation Viktor Ullmann to anthroposophic company also closely tied to performance show Aenigma | Hundred Years of anthroposophic art which is in the Museum of Modern Art opened on 19 March.

The twelfth annual Festival of Music Theatre Opera in 2015 offered twelve performances, of which the critics, audiences and festival director Lenka Šaldová chose the best ones. Olomouc Fall of the Antichrist just won the Prize Director. “It was not easy, the festival was packed, I appreciate the many productions that were heard at the festival. I especially appreciate the courage with which this extremely challenging project implemented in Olomouc, on the stage of regional theater, “said Šaldová.

The director of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc (MDO) Pavel Hekela believe that the price of the prestigious festival to raise public awareness. “I hope more reruns Fall of the Antichrist as a result, will benefit from increased viewers attention,” he added.

The award I am very happy boss file operas and operettas MDO Miloslav Oswald. “I am grateful to all for a great set of professional artistic work. Humility, love and patience with which we have to work Ullmann and working towards its staging approached were important symbols on the road to success, “he stressed.

Museum of Art Olomouc Moravian Theatre congratulates! A modestly remind you that the premiere award-winning productions launched last year festival Days of Jewish culture and performances was established by the curators of the exhibition Aenigma | Hundred Years of anthroposophic art, which commences on 19 March. What is between opera and exhibition connection? The author of the libretto is a writer and anthroposofist Albert Steffen and myself Ullmann was anthroposophic ideas of Rudolf Steiner hit so much that at the time he left a musical career in 1932 in Stuttgart opened a book deal with Anthroposophic literature … More about anthroposophy and anthroposophic art exhibition to learn Aenigma.