NEWS | 17. 10. 2017 It was only September 17 that the gates of the exhibition In that housel Thou art all runishly were closed in the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum. On October 19 they will open again, this time in the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen.

NEWS | 17. 10. 2017

Visitors to the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum have also visited the exhibition In that housel Thou art all runishly for the week more. Exhibition was  ending on September 17th. However, this is not a definitive end, since October 19th is waiting for her in the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen.

“Painting, sculpture and works of craftsmanship are represented at the exhibition. Although its center of gravity lies mainly in exhibits from the late Middle Ages, the installation significantly adds to selected works from the Baroque and the 20th Century. This is illustrated by the work of František Bílka, Jan Zrzavý, Bohuslav Reynka, Vojmir Vokolka or Ivan Sobotka, “says curator of the exhibition Helena Zápalková from the Olomouc Art Museum.

The record of the exhibition will be connected by Pavel Mrkus R.E.D. “This unique installation was accompanied by an exhibition in Olomouc. Pavel Mrkus lit red and echoed the Gothic Ambit of the Wall of the Palace. Kamil Zajíček, a colleague from this installation, created a film that will be in Pilsen as part of the exhibition, “emphasizes Helena Zápalková.

The Exhibition In that housel Thou art all runishly be in Pilsen until February 4, 2018 and then move to Prague. “The third exhibition venue will be the Strahov Monastery from 15 March to 20 May. There we would like to include more items in the exhibition from the rich collections of the monastery, “adds Helena Zápalková, with the Olomouc Art Museum co-organizer of both performances.