NEWS| 6. 9. 2017 The last summer party of this season as well as the split with the exhibition Fascination with Reality will be held this Friday by the Olomouc Museum of Art. The authors of the exhibited works, the banquet, the special film and, of course, the music will miss.

NEWS| 6. 9. 2017

A magnificent split with the magnificent exhibition Fascination with Reality  will kick off this Friday at the European Heritage Days 2017. There will be no music, an unconventional guided tour and a meeting with the authors of hyperrealistic works.

“The beginning of the event is scheduled for 18:00. Visitors will have time to enjoy the show. Some works authors arrive in the museum, “says Barbora Kundračíkova, curator of the exhibition.

Unusual commented tour

The program of the event is not anchored in time, it starts at 18 oclock, and Café 87 Terrace is accessible until 23. “We want people to have fun, so we will not restrict them with a precise timetable, however, around 7 oclock begins an unconventional guided tour,” says Barbora Kundračíková.

After the introductory word of the curator, Afterparty participants will meet in the Trojan of the Museum of Modern Art directly with the authors of the exhibited paintings. “Everyone will stand by their work and will of course be available to visitors,” the curator of the Fascination of Facts exhibition smiles.

Surprise movie

A surprise for all involved will be the screening of a new document on hyperrealism. “Video projection takes about forty minutes. This is a small premiere of the new film about hyperrealism, “adds Kundracikova.

DJ Mardoša

“After the film, we move to the Café 87 terrace and only fun. It is the last big party of this summer season. Afterparty will be ready for refreshment and of course music can not be missed, “Kundračíková points out. The music accompaniment of the event will be provided by DJ Mardos of the band Tata Boys.

Afterparty will start at the Olomouc Art Museum this years European Heritage Days, which means that from Friday to Sunday the entrance to the museum will be free of charge, including a rich program that is ready for visitors.