NEWS | 23. 11. 2017 The nature reserve from the immediate vicinity is photographed by the Conservatory of the Dalibor Sedlák Art Museum. He will now present his details, cuts and carefully searched parts of reality in Prostějov Gallery 70.

NEWS | 23. 11. 2017

Dalibor Sedlák goes through the hands of the most precious works of art museum collections. As a conservatory, she is careful to be in the best possible condition, and she can not overlook anything. His sense of detail is reflected in his own artistic work, including photographs of nature. They will present you at the exhibition in the Metro 70 gallery in Prostějov.

“In Borks work, the detail, understood as an artistic abbreviation, describes the most important and most interesting of the surrounding world. It would seem that the interest in seemingly noxious things like grass shrubs, frozen water droplets or broken branches of trees is useless. But in life and therefore in art, understood as an expression of the essence of life, there is nothing that would be nothing, “says Sedláks work, Helena Musilová, former curator of the Olomouc Art Museum photo collection.

“Nature, which is Borks leitmotif, does not invite him to substantiate documentation, but to find and capture her amazing aesthetic qualities,” he adds.

The quality of photographs by Dalibor Sedlák is confirmed by Jindřich Štreit: “I have been watching Dalibor Sedláks creation for several years. I can see how the manuscript of this prominent author changes. His current work is a priority emotional action, a meditative plane. There are extraordinary images that fascinate us with our imagination. “

The exhibition of photographs by Dalibor Sedlák in the Prostějovská Metro 70 gallery will be opened by the curator of MUO photo collection Štěpánka Bieleszová on Wednesday, November 29 at 5 pm. The exhibition will last until January 28, 2018.