PRESS RELEASE 23. 1. 2020

PRESS RELEASE 23. 1. 2020

An unusual and in some way experimental exhibition was prepared in the Gallery of the Archdiocesan Museum by educators of the Olomouc Museum of Art. The center or culmination of the exhibition are two paintings – still life from 1655 and 2017, the originals of which visitors will see in the last, fourth part of the Gallery. However, it will be a secret for the visitors – the first three rooms offer some guidance on what to look for and perceive the work of art. They will be provided with texts, enlarged reproduction sections, audio tours and a special multimedia application. The “revelation” comes to a complete conclusion.

“We want visitors to enjoy the exhibition of our two paintings with all the trimmings and, above all, to have a thorough look at them. In the part of the exposition we also offer them the possibility of own interpretation of the work through a specially created application. When personally interpreting the work, they can apply their experiences or emotional moods, which the gradual recognition of the image evokes in them, ”says the author of the exhibition concept Hana Lamatová.

Some may have the mysterious cipher in the title of the exhibition KE 3171 O 96, but it is the inventory number of the painting, which is the main actor of the exhibition – it is a classic still life of the Dutch painter Jan I. van Kessel (1626–1679) 1655. Its context is enhanced by the painting by contemporary author Jan Mikulka (* 1980) Still Life with Limes II from 2017