NEWS | July 19, 2016

NEWS | July 19, 2016

Latest seats for trip to painter Slavíček village Kameničky offers Museum of Art. On Saturday at 300 crowns you can go to the Highlands to the village made famous by one of the most important Czech Impressionists.

In the vicinity of Kameničky was painted by Antonín Slavíček seventy paintings. Some reproductions will have to be compared with landscape by lecturer Hana Lamatová. “Looking directly at the place which the painter immortalized. In the countryside, where he created the famous Slavíček’s canvas U nás v Kameničkách, we let ourselves be causing an inspiring atmosphere,” suggested Lamatová. For those interested will have the painting boards, paper and colors for any sketches.

View will be mainly protected Volák‘s hill, which retains the look of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is a complex of valuable countryside with a predominance of marshy meadows with protected and endangered plant and animal species. Framing the road birch alleys and cranes.

Trippers also expects local parsonage, where is the museum built by Antonín Slavíček and writer Karel Vaclav Rais. 

Full day tour of Saturday, July 23 allows for an early morning departure and evening return. Held as part of the exhibition Olomouc Picture Gallery IV | European 19th century painting of the Olomouc collections. Discounted from the full price they can count on members of the Association of Friends of the Museum of Art.

Reservation / information: Hana Lamatová | 585 514 174 |