News | February 26, 2015

News | February 26, 2015

Laureate of this years awards initiative called “Artists worth” became Olomouc dancers, performers, painter and university professor Vladimir Havlik (1959). The initiative was launched in 2007 from the need to highlight the personality art scene, which are for the younger generation of artists and theorists have natural authority and respect her. Out in the previous years, was won by Jiří Kovanda, Adriena Šimotová, Václav Stratil, Dalibor Chatrný or Vladimír Kokolia.

Initiative Havlik appreciates “particularly energetic explanation of principles, ideas and practices of past and planned actions and efforts to provide students with personal experience mixed with shreds of thinking about things to come, feasible”. The prize for the Olomouc artist jury wanted to emphasize that the actual impact of the valuation is understood as an important part of the whole project. “The important thing is we seem Havlik solitaire, who throughout his life worked outside the mainstream interest, both geographically and in terms of expression. In other words, we believe that Havlik is motivating laureate, who was in his most famous event called Experimental flower of 1981 literally pays great attention and energy to their surroundings,” writes jury.

As Vladimir said Havlik for Czech Radio, pleased that his work speaks to the younger generation: “It pleases. In short, specially the direction of youth like an aging performer for me is very empowering. Indeed it nominates around five hundred young artists and curators or critics, so the sample is so great,” he told Czech Radio.

Ke congratulations also connects Olomouc Museum of Art, which its respect for the importance and artistic contribution Vladimir Havlik expressed not only acquisition, when included in the collections of his photographs, objects and author of the book, but also show. In 2007, at the Museum of Modern Art held a retrospective called SOFT HAVLÍKOVÁ SPIRIT, who presented his action, visual poetry, artists books, objects, drawings and paintings from 1977 – 2007.

More about the artist initiative is worth HERE

Vladimir Havlik
February 7, 1959 in New Town in Moravia
Author happenings, land and arthouse arthouse points realizations, performer, creator of visual poetry (including buildings), artists books, installations, painter, draftsman, printmaker in the field of new media (digital prints), is also active literary.
He graduated from Palacky University in Olomouc, which has been operating since 1990 and habilitated in 1999 and today she teaches Intermedia. He teaches a guest at colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad, among others. St. Cloud State University, Minessota, 2003-4. Especially famous are his actions, land or performance art-house hits of the 80s, which with the help of friends photographically documented. Often they emphasize the impossibility of changing the world, which achieves fierce inputting into the situation in the country, futile, but poetic gestures (Violation white area (1978), Tribute to Kazimir Malevich (1979) Experimental flower (1981) Trying to Sleep (1982). A short time he devoted himself to painting. He is currently working with a private archive of notes and documentation of their previous events (Remains (2008)).