NEWS | 8. 6. 2017 The Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc will once again join the popular Night of Churches and will offer free aplikacy in tablets, exhibitions and the chapel of St. Barbora.

NEWS | 8. 6. 2017

The unique model of the temple of Gods grave, the open-air chapel of St. Barbora, the unique, red, audiovisual projection of Pavel Mrkus in the Gothic cloister of Zdíks palace or tablets and in the application with Bishop Karel and this will offer free of charge during this years Night of Churches to the Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc.

On Friday 9 June, the day when more than a thousand churches and ecclesiastical institutions will be opened to visitors across the country, the Archdiocesan Museum of Olomouc will not be left behind. Entrance to it will be free of charge all day and will be open until 22:00.   


Children are expecting Bishop Charles

Knowledge of entertaining games and, in particular, an untraditional guide – Bishop Karel himself from Lichtenstein-Castelcorn – will offer families with children a new application in thirty tablets, which the museum will lend to its visitors free of charge. Bishop Karel then takes visitors to his dream, where he will have to perform several tasks and games within ten stops of various parts of the museum.


A unique model of Gods grave

“The model is the only specimen of its kind preserved in the Czech Republic. Represents a temple that was built on Golgotha ​​after the conquest of Jerusalem by the crusaders in 1099 above an older, early Christian chapel containing a rock tomb where the tradition was buried by Christ. At the same time, the model documents the shape of the temple after a major reconstruction in the middle of the 16th century, “reminds curator of the exhibition Helena Zápalková.Novinka is also prepared by the curators of the exhibition In the wicker you are all secretly, and absolutely unique model of the temple of Gods grave in Jerusalem. This rare unique is a fold-out, and will show in detail the original form of one of the most sacred places in the world.


Red Digital World

The attraction for visitors will be also one of the accompanying program of the exhibition. You are all secretly in the backyard, namely audiovisual screening in the Gothic cloister of Zdíkova palace named R.E.D. By Pavel Mrkus. It transformed the Medieval Cloister into a literal red world of modern technology.

“I am connecting here the two worlds that we must continue to leapfrog, namely the digital and the stone, real world. We must be able to cope with them, even if the digital one constantly attacks the real one, “explained Pavel Mrkus.


Chapel of St. Barbora

Visitors of the Night of Churches can also visit the oracle of the Romanesque Tower, and then visit the private Prelatural Chapel of St. Nicholas on its upper floor. Barbora from the 18th century. The chapel is richly decorated with paintings on the walls and in the window lining, which relate to the life of St. Barbora. In addition, they are in the altar dedicated to St. Mary of Carmel and St. The baroque remains of Saint Longin, Eustach and Kristin.

Permanent exhibition

In addition to the Exhibition in Waffle, you will be able to visit the Arcidiecse Museum as well as a permanent exhibition titled Ke glory and praise II, which represents the developmental aspects of the art of the Olomouc diocese and, on the other hand, the phenomenon of the collections of Olomouc bishops and archbishops. In addition to these two baselines, the exhibition is also complemented by smaller thematic installations, such as the Treasury, the Textile Cabinet, and the Ivory Cabinet