NEWS | October 8, 2021 The first volume, which starts the new Fórum book series, is the Czech edition of Central Europe Revisited by Erhard Busek and Emil Brix.

NEWS | October 8, 2021

Fórum – thats the name of a new book series being produced as part of SEFO activities. This project develops themes in the literary field that are contextually, imaginatively and conceptually related to visual culture (history, sociology, political science, religious studies, etc.). The focus remains on the reflection of Central Europe, its social, cultural and political identity and historical transformation.

The edition will not only present translations of newly published professional publications, but will also include reference texts, older texts or texts in the field of fiction. The choice of titles is based on the institutions research plan, indirectly linked to specific projects and current topics.

“The first volume with which we are opening the Forum edition is the Czech edition of the book by the authors Erhard Busek and Emil Brix from Vienna, Central Europe Revisited. Both authors previously published the book The Central Europe Project and after thirty years they decided to focus on this region once again. They are revising their visions and thus bringing new reflections of both present and future Central Europe,” says Zuzana Henešová, editor-in-chief and translator of the first volume.

“One of the main partners in the SEFO project is Palacký University, so the professional cooperation on the edition with the university publishing house was an obvious choice,” she adds. On Tuesday, 9 November, the book will be presented at the Palacký University, accompanied by a public debate with both authors and the leading Czech Germanist Prof. Ingeborg Fürst-Fialová.