NEWS | AUGUST 24. 2021 International Educational Programme MULTIversum will connect Central Europe.
1. Aesthetics and rationalitysenses, sensory experience and cognition of the world
2. Technologiestools, strategies, approaches
3. Real vs. virtual worldsWhat is reality and how do we create it?
4. Personal vs. shared from ones own body to political systems
5. Human order and visual language structuralism, constructivism, symbolism

NEWS | AUGUST 24. 2021

In connection with the long-term strategy of the Central European Forum Olomouc (SEFO), selected foreign institutions will also be presented as part of the accompanying programme of the SEFO 2021 triennial. The education departments of the SEFOs partner institutions were invited to collaborate on the international programme. With the prepared submissions, these partners will transfer the triennial from Olomouc to their spaces and introduce their visitors to the individual topics of the main exposition of the SEFO 2021 Universum triennial, while offering their own interpretation of the chosen issue.

The collaboration is based on the idea that the approaches presented in the Olomouc exhibition are undoubtedly unique, but the issues they address are universal and can be repeatedly examined in a large number of independent cases within a (limited) category of visual art. Reinterpretation does not refute the presented system; on the contrary, it opens it to new perspectives and confirms that the process of “questioning” can never be considered complete.

The programme itself will take place on two levels, mainly during selected weeks in individual partner museums with a focus on local audiences, but also in part online with an effort to create an interactive network across institutions.

Partners: International Cultural Centre in Krakow, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Lentos Kunstmuseum LinzEast Slovak Gallery in Košice