PRESS RELEASE | 15. 11. 2017

PRESS RELEASE | 15. 11. 2017

EXHIBITION: Monogramist T • D | FRAGMENT • D
VERNISATION: 16. 11. 2017 at 18.30
DURATION: 18. 2. 2018
LOCATION: Olomouc Museum of Modern Art Gallery
EXHIBITION CONCEPT: Gina Renotière, Monogramist T • D
CURATOR: Gina Renotière
ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION: Monogramist T • D, Tomas Lampar
INSTALLATION: Vlastimil Sedláček, Filip Šindelář, Jan Kutra

Paintings, photographs, installations, graphics and authors books – all of this combines the name of a prominent Czechoslovak artist and university professor Dezider Tóth or Monogramist T. D. The Museum of Art in Olomouc has prepared an artistic exhibition of artists seventies from their collections.

“Dezider Tóth always belonged to people connecting the Czech and Slovak artistic environments. Both through his artistic opinions, participation in exhibitions, membership in professional societies, as well as double anchorages in their Brno and Bratislava residence, “said curator Gina Renotière. These transitions were reflected in the inclusion of T. D Monographists work in the Central European Art Database in Olomouc and in collections of the Museum of Art.

At the exhibition entitled FRAGMENT.D, visitors will see all of the authors work, which the museum owns.