NEWS | 29. 4. 2019 Michal Soukup does not accept the reasoning of his recall

NEWS | 29. 4. 2019

Statement of the Director of the Olomouc Museum of Art Mr Michal Soukp: 

I strongly disaccord with any furhter purposeful and mendacious statements of the Ministry of Culture which should aditionally justify the decission of the Miniter of Culture to recall me. 

I refuse any delibarate or unconsious acting against the law which migt have had harmed the good reputation of the Olomouc Museum of Art which I have been working for my whole professional career.  

I very deeply appreciate the iniciative of all the signatories of the petition organised by the DOX Gallery, who claim outhright, that they do not accept such an uncultural Minister anymore as he is not able to lead his office trustfully. 

Mgr. Michal Soukup