NEWS | December 17, 2015

NEWS | December 17, 2015

Photographers, colleagues and friends of Markéta Ondrušková crowded yesterday cellar cafe Amadeus. For all the opening of her exhibition In the quiet rhythm of waltz great event.

Patron photographic exhibitions Jindřich Štreit in the introductory speech stressed that Ondrušková has a demanding job – a photographer at the Museum of Art, which does not consider simple. “As compensation therefore makes these beautiful pictures when the experiment and the freedom to determine projected herself, her soul, her moods and emotions,” said Štreit.

According to him, it is a meditative photographs with surreal signs that attract emotionality and its approach to reality. “Reality Markéta modifies and tries to catch it just the essentials. It works with the philosophy of the subject and creates paintings, “he summed up Štreit.

Ondrušková admitted that she has an extensive archive. Among the 17 selected photographs is the oldest Waterfall, images of mailboxes photo She came away are the freshest in exhibition. However, the author still most appeals picture called Journey. “I photographed it in the church of Our Lady of the Snows. Then I did a photo for exhibition of Baroque and I got to the choir. Above the side altars is such a passage – it impressed me that I left everything and had it take a picture. Impresses me today,” she said Ondrušková.

Markéta Ondrušková (* 1966) is dedicated to photography since the 80s, when she studied at the High School of Applied Arts in Brno. In addition to joint and solo exhibitions won awards for photographs in books.

The opening marked Ondrušková for pleasant encounters with people. She would like to make photographs that depict her inner feelings, evoking a similar harmony also with visitors.

The exhibition In the quiet rhythm of waltz will be available in the cafeteria Amadeus until the end of January.