Press Release | January 27, 2016

Olomouc, January 27, 2016

Olomouc Museum of Art last year organized 46 temporary exhibitions, including exhibitions switching from 2014 and chamber exhibitions in cafes Café 87, Amadeus and Music Theatre. Visitors could see also 5 permanent exhibitions.

The most successful exhibition of the year in terms of total attendance was an exhibition of works by world-renowned sculptor and Olomouc native Ivan Theimer. In total it was viewed 19,518 people. The exhibition called Via Lucis took place largely in the permanent exhibition of the Archdiocesan Museum, the works of the old masters. Permanent exhibition space was used for the current exhibition for the first time and interest in this form of recovery of the permanent exhibition of the museum is inspiring in the future. Most likely to confront the current art and culture of ancient art, we will return.

In terms of daily attendance, however, the most successful exhibition Mysterious distance / Symbolism in the Czech Lands 1880 – 1914, which was viewed by a daily average of 144 visitors. International project, which was created in collaboration with the International Centre of Culture in Krakow and Olomouc moved to the National Gallery in Prague, introduced for the first time alone phenomenon of Czech symbolism. More than 300 exhibits come from public and private collections from the Czech Republic but also in Germany and Norway. The author of the exhibition concept and the same publication was renowned art historian and curator Otto M. Urban. The success of the exhibition indicates, among other things. The fact that the art of “fin de siècle” still enjoys great interest of the audience.

Most visitors in one day to the museum buildings visited by May 15 due Olomouc Museum Night – A total of 2158 (Museum of Modern Art – 1483; Archdiocese Museum Olomouc – 675).

Total attendance of exhibitions in 2015: 201,605

The most successful exhibition in 2015 in terms of total attendance:

Ivan Theimer / Via Lucis – 19,518 visitors

Mysterious distances / Symbolism in the Czech Lands 1880 – 1914 – 13,492 visitors

The most successful exhibition in 2015 in terms of daily attendance:

Mysterious distances / Symbolism in the Czech Lands 1880 – 1914
6. 11. 2014 – 22. 2. 2015
Total number of visitors: 13492
Average daily visit: 144

Jiří Šalamoun | Well I never!?
29. 1. – 17. 5. 2015
Total number of visitors: 11183
Average daily visit: 120

Křiváková Pieta / Restoration
23. 4. – 4. 10. 2015
Total number of visitors: 14273
Average daily visit: 101

Ivan Theimer / Via Lucis
25. 9. 2014 – 14. 6. 2015
Total attendance: 19,518
Average daily visit: 86