NEWS | 9. 8. 2016 Director Miroslav Krobot presented today to journalists in Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum his new film Quartet.

NEWS | 9. 8. 2016

Director Miroslav Krobot presented today to journalists in Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum his new film Quartet. Successful theater director, actor and film director filmed the story of four musicians, who are trying to find happiness, at several locations in Olomouc. In addition to the Archdiocesan Museum and private flats director uses pub Ponorka, Hradisko Monastery or cemetery in Neředín.

In the Archdiocesan Museum film crew spends four days. The backdrop for several scenes of intimate story of four people will be the Coach House, the Treasury and the New House. “Im from Zábřeh, so I knew Olomouc briefly, but just now, when I went through the locations for the Quartet, I realized how beautiful this city is and especially how to improve. Archdiocesan Museum is an example. Its architecture we will use in the film several times,” said Krobot at yesterdays press.

The film is produced by Ondřej Zima form company Evolution Films, co-produced by the Czech Television. The film is supported by the Olomouc Region, the City of Olomouc, Jeseníky Film Office and the State Fund for Cinematography. Distribute it in the autumn of 2017 Falcon.