NEWS | 8. 4. 2017 František Sysel (1927-2013) is known primarily thanks to the work of Titians famous painting Apollo and Marsyas. A new exhibition at the Kroměříž castle but also shows his other work.

NEWS | 8. 4. 2017

František Sysel restored several hundred artworks, fifteen is in the Kroměříž chateau gallery. “He was not only a restorer of paintings, but also large-scale murals and entire sets of artworks such as altars and major sculptural works,” explained exhibition curator Simona Jemelková of Olomouc Museum of Art.

The visitor center is also on display photographs and other documents from his life, visitors can also get acquainted with his free work.

The exhibition is at the Archdiocesan museum in Kroměříž from 7th April 2017 to 8th June 2017.