NEWS | May 23, 2016 Over 1500 visitors welcomed on Friday to the Museum of Art for the third Olomouc Museum Night.

NEWS | May 23, 2016

Over 1500 visitors welcomed on Friday to the Museum of Art for the third Olomouc Museum Night.

Archdiocesan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art were open till 22 PM and admission was free. Of course there was a varied program.

Time-lapse drawing

About sixty people in the happening part in formation of large-format drawings “extended hand” led by author Juliana Höschlová. Drawing tool was placed at the end of the rod.

“Top to bottom it was good, but from the bottom up it choked me,” confided one of drawers Lenka Čohanová. By profession a clerk, but at school likes to paint. “It was there, that hand just a little bit,” he showed her drawn.

The resulting work is now waiting for framing, after will be exhibited in the cafe Theatre of Music. Creation of this drawing is also available time-lapse video.

Spacedrum in exhibition

Unusual mood of the evening tours drawings exhibition By charcoal, paintbrush, scalpel… accentuated the sound of the cosmic drum. On spacedrum drummer played Kateřina Mátlová. “I do not know what they are for notes, playing emotionally,” she said. When playing on African jambe, they have only one tone. “The spacedrum plays in rhythm and even in tones,” said drummer. Her instrument she also lent some visitors, others listened to it dozens of minutes. “One gentleman told me that he had opened the fourth, third and second chakra,” smiled Mátlová.

Program for children

“My daughter was totally psyched to fill the entire worksheet,” said father of small Lota Martin Šinkovský. Most of her apparently having fun stamps, a task inspired the creation of Zorka Ságlová.

Tasks children were four and were relevant to current exhibitions. “They were creative, sketching the image of Josef Lada, topping Boskovice Bible facsimile, or printing on a replica press itinerant printers of the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries,” explained lecturer Hana Lamatová.

Being in the ambit

Ambit Přemyslite sights Zdík palace offered a sound experience bringing by Alessandro La Rocca and his pupils entitled Being beat Ambit. The first performance together presented the results of a weekly workshop – voice improvisation accompanied by unusual instruments, among others, also on the human body. In other featured La Rocca play alone with his piano.

Museum Night at the Museum of Arts ended the concert group Amigos on the terrace of Café 87. During Friday Museum Night was opened about forty institutions in the city Olomouc.