NEWS 09 09 2022 The Museum of Art will celebrate this years European Heritage Days with seven events, and not only in the museum! This time our projects will take you to the crypt of the Olomouc Cathedral or to the greenhouses or the chapel in the University Hospital!

NEWS 09 09 2022

The Museum of Art will offer seven different events to its visitors on the occasion of this years European Heritage Days. The first one will be on Thursday in the permanent exhibition Century of Relativity, and the highlight of the celebrations will be on Sunday, when the MUO and the University Hospital will present a planned artistic intervention in the local greenhouses.

The celebrations will kick off on Thursday with a brand new addition to the MUO programme – the first part of the KOMPRO series. This will offer visitors an unusual guided tour led by a guest who will present the artworks through the lens of his profession, the first being the well-known Czech couple therapist Honza Vojtko. 

On Saturday and Sunday (10 and 11 September), admission to all MUO exhibitions will be free.

The highlight of the programme will come with Sunday. Immediately after the opening of the Museum of Art, the last guided tour of the exhibition Home and Abroad will begin, showing an artistic view of the Central European landscape. You will be guided by its author Barbora Kundračíková.

At 14:00, two events will start. The exhibition Flowers of Patience, which in the crypt of Olomouc Cathedral illuminates the role of flowers in liturgical art and offers visitors, for example, a mass vestment embroidered by Empress Maria Theresa herself, will be guided by its authors Helena Zápalková and Jitka Jonová. In the Chapel of the Divine Heart of the Lord at the University Hospital, Šárka Belšíková will introduce you to this interesting space and especially its origins during her lecture. Those who would like to catch both events need not despair, because at 16:00 there will be another guided tour of the Flowers of Patience exhibition.

At 15:00, the programme will continue at the University Hospital, with the presentation of Jaro Varga and Lucie Tkáčovás future artistic intervention in the local greenhouse, entitled The Garden of Light. You can look forward to a discussion with the authors with the participation of architects Jan Mléčka and Vojtěch Jemelka, botanist Václav Dvořák and the curator of the SEFO 2021 Triennial, Barbara Kundračíková.

The day will end with a guided walk through the hospital grounds with Vilém Švec.