NEWS | 24. 8. 2017 A trip to Sazovice and ŠarovY, which is organized by the Olomouc Art Museum as part of the accompanying program of the exhibition In that housel Thou art all runishly, the exclusive presence of architect Mark Jan Štěpán. According to his project, the youngest church in Zlín was built in Sazovice this year.

NEWS | 24. 8. 2017

A look at the latest holy places in Zlín will show tourists a day trip to the Olomouc Art Museum in Sazovice, Šarovy and Zlín. Organized on Saturday September 9th as part of the European Heritage Days. Even now, its participants can look forward to a commented tour of the Church of St. Wenceslas in Sazovice, which was consecrated only on May 13 this year, the architect Marek Jan Štěpán himself will carry it out.

“I wonder what the places that are now emerging as places of the Eucharist are looking. In the Olomouc region, I have not encountered any new example, but there are new and interesting places in the Zlín Region. For example, for Sazovice architect Marek Jan Štěpán designed the church of St. Wenceslas. It is indeed one of the newest places of the Eucharist, “emphasizes one of the main aims of the tour, the education lecturer Hana Lamatová.

“Besides, we managed to talk with the author of the church project, Mark Jan Štěpán, that he will personally make a tour of our church,” the tour organizer said.

The second stop will be the crusade in Šarov. “It is a new place that provides space for both personal and collective piety and the Church of St. Wenceslas is linked to the fact that civic society has been set up to build them, “Lamat reminds.

The oversight of this crossover is also the third destination of the trip. “The last place of the newest form of the Eucharist is the solitary structure of the Chapel in Zlín-Salaš,” adds Hana Lamatová.

The day trip costs 200 crowns. Capacity is restricted. For more information, please contact Hana Lamatova (, 585 514 174).