NEWS | 28. 7. 2017 Hes only twenty-five, but hes already a renowned hyperrealist. The talk is about Adam Kašpar, a young painter whose works you can admire at the ongoing exhibition Fascination with reality.

NEWS | 28. 7. 2017

Exhibition Fascination with reality maps the development czech hyperrealism from the seventies years to the present. Here and indeed the future of hyperrealism in the Czech Republic is represented by the young painter Adam Kašpar. As one of the youngsters, he did not pass the studio of Zdeněk Beran, but at the Olomouc exhibition he joined his pupils.

“Ive always liked Berans work and I really appreciate it,” admits Adam Kašpar.

His artistic attention, Adam Kašpar, turns mainly towards nature, as evidenced by his image of the Great Fir. “For me, painting is actually a tool of nature study. I work a lot in the plenary, but for example the painting of Great Fir, which is exhibited in Olomouc, I created mainly from the head, “reveals the talent of painting.

Adam Kašpar also outlined how his paintings actually arise. “The origin of painting is usually preceded by pleven work on the spot, often drawings and, of course, some photographic material. Then I combine it all when I work on the picture. They are sources of information for me, but never more than just that. In the actual painting, there is always a moment when I feel that I have to postpone the pictures because they can no longer give me more and start to bind me instead of helping me, “he says.

The exhibition of Czech hyperrealism was called Fascination with reality. It is precisely the relationship and reflection of reality that Adam Kašpar enjoys most of the hyperrealism.

“Realistic depiction is personally important to me because its a love for what one sees and the desire to explore it.”

Works of Adam Kaspar, but also Zdeněk Beran, Michal Ožibek or Theodore Pištěk can be seen at the Fascination with reality in the Museum of Modern Art until September 10th.