NEWS | 26. 5. 2017 Interactive novelty for families with children was devised at the Archdiocesan Museum in Olomouc. In it, the children carry the bishop Charles and have many different tasks for them.

NEWS | 26. 5. 2017

Interactive novelty for families with children was devised at the Archdiocesan Museum in Olomouc. This is a playful tablet application. It will guide you through the museum and prepare a variety of interesting tasks for the kids. The guide will be Bishop Karel of Lichtenstein-Castelcorn, who lived in the 17th century and was a great patron of art.

Visitors can borrow their tablets themselves free of charge in the bookstore of the Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc. There will be thirty. They then go to the carriage where they turn on the app. An animated Bishop Karel appears on the screen and takes them to the museum tour. In the next seventy minutes, they can enjoy animated scenes and interactive tasks. All this is the story of the special dream of Bishop Karel.

“We needed to open our hands to work with exhibits that are younger than the bishop or those whose existence at that time was not yet known. We created a dream concept because we can travel through it in time, not only to the bishops predecessors, but also to his followers, “explained Anna Šubrtová, Education Department of the Museum of Art.

Bishop Karel will talk to visitors using comic bubbles. “We chose the option without headphones because the members of the family would be isolated in their use. We want them to go together, talk about the exhibits and then play together playful tasks, “said Šubrtová.

Ten stops

The application follows a classic guided tour with a stop-stop. In the tablet, when the map stops between the map stops (the ground plan of the museum), the location of the participant is determined. Visitors get to the basement, Zdiks Palace or Marts Hall.

But it is not about replacing people with the experience of meeting the original. “We do not want the charm of the original to disappear, visitors should work with the tablet,” says curator Miroslav Kindl. In order for the viewer to lose contact with reality, it is accompanied by a virtual world of artwork, not a photo. The reality is “redrawed” in the application, so it is the authors own work of the graphic artist and animator Eliška Chytková.

Bishop Karel will also be in Kroměříž

The new application is also prepared for visitors to the Archdiocesan Museum of Kroměříž. There, Bishop Karel is styled into the form of the Apollo god and is carried on the second floor. There are thirty tablets ready for visitors. They can only take a tour with the lecturers at predetermined times. The dates of these tours will be published on our website.

Creative team

Sponsor: Olomouc Art Museum

Supplier: Studio 6.15 s.r.o., Zlín

Artwork: Eliška Chytková

Animation: Studio BareBear

Programming: Simplex Web Solutions, s.r.o.

Screenplay: Anna Šubrtová, Petr Hudec, Marek Šobáň

Collaboration: Ondřej Zatloukal, Miroslav Kindl, Petra Šobáňová