Trip to the modern form of the eucharist

SAT | 9. 9. | Trip to Sazovice and Šarov

The most recent form of holy places can be seen on Saturday, September 9, during a trip to Sazovice and Šarov in Zlín.

"I wonder what the places that are now emerging as places of the Eucharist are looking. In the Olomouc region, I did not encounter any new example, but there are new and interesting places in the Zlín Region. Marek Jan Štěpán designed a church for St. Sazovice. Wenceslas, who will be celebrating in May. It is, therefore, the most recent place of the Eucharist, "explains Hana Lamat, a lecturer in the education department.

The second stop will be the crusade in Šarov. "It is a new place that provides space for both personal and collective piety and the Church of St. Wenceslas is linked to the fact that civic society has been set up to build them, "Lamat reminds.

The day trip costs 200 crowns. Capacity is restricted. For more information, please contact Hana Lamatova (, 585 514 174).

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