New life to old drawings

SAT | 16. 6. | 2 – 4 P.M. | Archdiocese Museum Olomouc | ENTRY100 / 50 Kč
Family workshop for the exhibition Drawings of Old Masters from the Collections of the Archbishopric of Olomouc

The artwork on the paper is easily vulnerable and over time it gets a lot of damage besides the patina. Before visitors can see the exhibition at all, they walk through the hands of the restorers who repair their scars. Try partial restoration interventions with us during the art workshop, led by Veronika K. Wankova. You will get one damaged piece of work from her, which you will take home after restoration. The restorer will teach you how to tint the paper exactly so you can use it to retouch the damaged location. You will also use a special restorative iron to connect the missing part with the original artwork. Finally, try to mimic the missing drawing line to achieve the full look of the work.

Capacity limited! Reservation Required: Hana Lamatová 585 514 174 |

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Thursday | 26. 11. 2020

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