King Charles - The King of the Golden Cradle

SUN | 8. 10. | 4 P.M. | THE MUSIC THEATER | ENTRY 80 CZK
puppet theater for children + fairy-tale workshop

Once a thousand years, the waters of the Vltava open like a flower of roses, and they emit an ancient treasure from the depths. The golden cradle in which only the one who brought our country peace and happiness could be bred. Now a little Wenceslaus, the future King Charles, was born.

Puppet fairy tale freely inspired by the Middle Ages, the time of the kings, the life and the biography of Charles IV. (Vita Caroli) and the King of the Gold Cradle by Eduard Petišek. In the production we see marionettes on wire inspired by Gothic patterns, a puppet of a bear known as a stalker, horse puppets called bodyhorse.

Sunday 8 October at 4 pm for parents with children + Fairy Tales
Monday to Wednesday 9th - 11th 10th at 8.30am and 10.00am for parent and a
Elementary School.

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Saturday | 23. 1. 2021


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