Hyperreality in the movie or media cannibals of our head

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Martin Jiroušek prepared a practical excursion into the realm of cinema for the visitors of the lecture. It has long been an expression of the desire of man to dream and produce fantasies inherent in his life experience.

Film production, however, also produces a treacherous world of hyperreality, in which imagination viewers see it as more real than reality itself. In an excursion Martin Jiroušek will concentrate on the relationship of reality and hyperreality in the non-historical works of world cinematography, such as the silent film Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens - 1921/1922. Introduces the authors conception of the famous directors Murnau vs. Herzog. He will mention the classic example of cinema at the Arrivals of the Train (1895), but also the key concepts of the 20th and 21st centuries, such as the classical poetics of shock, which will be represented by the italian opus Cannibal Holocaust. The theme ends with an arc from the present until 1913 when Hans Heinz Ewers, the first film in the history of cinematography Der Student von Prag, Hans Heinz Ewers, a student of cinematography, introduced the schizophrenia of the film of the 21st century by artists such as Gaspar Noé and Alexandre Aja .

Following will be the film projection:

Tiffanys unpleasant

Pepa (Leoš Noha) spends most of his time hanging out in pubs. To make a modest livelihood, robbing weekend huts and selling stolen items in a nearby pawnshop. At one of his burglaries he is almost caught in the act and during the subsequent escape he accidentally discovers the old video camera. It hides a record that reveals the path to the unsuspected treasure. Pepa is amazed and immediately awaits him. But soon he will understand that he will not have to go through long hours of digging to get it all. Price will be many times higher ...

Adventure Horror Comedy CR | 2015 | 80 min. | Directed by: Andy Feh | Starring: Leoš Noha, Jiří Panzner, Pjeer Van Eck, Petr Čtvrtníček, Jitka Pavlišová, Vojtěch Johaník


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