NEWS | 25. 7. 2017 As early as the end of April, visitors of the Art Museum can see the unique exhibition Fascination of Facts, mapping Czech hyperrealism in painting. What is actually hyper-realism, where it was born and how it turned into a Czech environment, explains the curator of the exhibition Barbora Kundračíkova.

NEWS | 25. 7. 2017

Calvary, Ecce Homo, cabbage heads, trees, but also scenes from married life or painted portraits that are indistinguishable from photography – all offer to its visitors an exhibition of the Art Museum of Olomouc – Fascination with reality.

Fascination with reality represents an effort to relate to a reality that is of value to all who experience it. The facts, which in some way go beyond visuality, as such, which makes the world objective and always subjectively living, “explains the curator an exhibition that is more real than reality.

What inspired czech painters, where and when actually hyperrealism originated, and especially what this exhibition is unique to or what societal themes it affects, the curator of the exhibition Barbora Kundračíkova reveals in the accompanying video.

Who has not seen the unique exhibition yet, has time until September 10th. Whoever wants to get deeper into the mysteries of hyperrealism, he should not miss a commented tour led by Barbora Kundračíkova and painter Michal Ožibko – one is already held on Wednesday 16 August at 16.30.