NEWS | April 29, 2016

Yesterdays opening of the Museum of Art made available an extensive exhibition of drawing. Exposure By charcoal, paintbrush, scalpel… maps Czech drawing mostly 20th century, additional exhibition Flowers and other worlds brings works of art brut category.

As pointed out by the director Michal Soukup, museum collection of drawing includes over 16,000 exhibits. “It is the oldest collection, part of the museum since its founding in 1951,” said Soukup.

In the Naves are installed at three hundred exhibits from 280 authors. The oldest ones due to the sensitivity to be able to present only in the accompanying publication. “Specialized catalogue of fifteen chapters discusses the development of drawings from the seventeenth century to the present. The curators worked on it for over a year,”added the director.

All stages of the twentieth century

At the exhibition By charcoal, paintbrush, scalpel… participated two curators Ivo Binder and Ladislav Daněk. Installation is organized chronologically, stylistically separate chapters. “It is an attractive, but difficult to perception. We wanted it to be a nice walk in the park of drawings, “said Daněk account the exhibition. Art lovers therefore asked to come to the exhibition twice. “To have experienced intimacy that the drawings are,” explained the curator.

Co-author of the exhibition and drawing collections manager Ivo Binder said at the opening that it is a pleasure of curator, he can prepare an exhibition from the collection, about whom he care. “The exhibition is also a recognition of the work and merit and previous colleagues,” said Binder and named the founder of collections Jaromír Lakosil and emeritus director of the museum Pavel Zatloukal.

At the opening ceremony was also Miroslav Jiřele, who consulted with Daněk selection youngest contemporary artists. “They was six I spoke to and everyone contributed to museum collections their creations,” said Jiřele. Among them was Vendula Chalánková and her Meditative Formica. Drawing a respectable size captures the true Formica design of the era of socialism. “We had it on the door between the kitchen and dining room. A piece of them with this pattern over time, I found in the garden… “revealed her inspiration author.

Merging incompatible

Age counterpart among the artists present at the opening formed Miroslav Šnajdr older. He remembered more than fifty years old drawings. “Its the beginning of my work. Arose during the study and on the job,” recalled master, in this time aleso Moravian Philharmonic hornist. At the exhibition he praised its layout. “Ideologically diverse and at the same time cementing. For me it is surprising exhibition,” said Šnajdr.

The exhibition also praised the art lover Bohumil Mach, CEO of Gemo Olomouc. “There are things that Ive ever seen, and a lot of famous authors. The same nice pieces. I must gradually be primed and definitely will come back, “said Mach.

Return to the drawings, as called the curator Daněk, also plans to conduct a mathematician and art collector Jan Andres. “I admire how you managed to combine incompatible. At first glance, its a lot, but it is obvious that this is a representative sample, “said Andres.

Eternal and grateful flora

One floor above is installed exhibition of drawings mediation Flowers and other worlds. As stated by curator Anežka Šimková, art in the raw state. “Floral motives are forever grateful and archetypal symbol. Art Museum yet own a single public collection of art brut,” said Šimková.

Of the three dozen authors of art brut excels Olomouc-born Anna Zemánková, but about half of them were still unknown.

The oldest part exposed in museum is Storm by Julius Mařák from 1877. Changes of drawing art from old drawings to contemporary symbolist trends, from over secession, expressionism and cubism to gestural abstraction, conceptual tendencies and postmodernism Museum of Art will be on view until September 25.