We were world-class! Expo Brussels, Montreal, and Osaka from the archive of the architect Miroslav Řepa

03 Feb 2022 - 08 May 2022
Museum of Modern Art
We are World-Class
We are World-Class

The Olomouc Museum of Art possesses a remarkable collection of documents, original photographs, and slides by the architect Miroslav Řepa *1930), co-author of the Czechoslovak Pavilion for the Expo in Montreal. The enthusiasm of the observer at the 1958 Worldʼs Fair in Brussels was replaced in Canada in 1967 by great responsibility for the success of our exposition. As a collaborator, but especially as an excellent documentarist, he also participated in the world exhibition in Osaka, Japan, which completed the leading position of the Czechs and Slovaks in the field of exhibitions. Combining quality architecture with art and visitor services with audiovisual innovations, all of this shines from the light images that bring us closer to the atmosphere of the period. The exhibition is an extension of the permanent exhibition of the Olomouc Museum of Art Century of Relativity and at the same time introduces the exhibition year 2022 under the theme Home and Abroad. 

Curators: Martina Mertová and Rostislav Švácha.