14 Dec 2017
21. 6. - 4. 11. 2018

Museum of Modern Art Olomouc | Gallery
21. 6. – 4. 11. 2018

The biggest collection of works by Victor Vasarely in Czech Republic is getting even bigger. The unique, almost 2,5 meter high sculpture TER-F2 was introduced to the public in Olomouc Museum of Art on Thursday, June 21. 

While watching the expresive wooden piece of art, the viewer is confronted with the spatial effects of warm and cool colours, contrasts of light and shadow or the effects of the perspective. “The sculpture is 240 cm high, 140 cm and 48 deep, it means this is a really large format work and we are happy to be able to gain this for our exclusive collection of art by Vasarelly, which includes 33 prints, a painting and a tapestry,” says the Head of Division of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gina Renotière. 

The aquisiton efforts of last year have been finished by gaining this extraordinary piece of art. The unique collection will be of enormous importance for the future exhibition of the Central European Forum Olomouc SEFO. Now already, it enables a confrontation with not just Central European art, but even a work of world maintenance,” confirms the exceptionality of the new acquistion Ms. Renotière.

Hungarian-French artist and one of the most important op-art artists Victor Vasarely (1906–1997) first created the sculpture as a model in 1969. He intentionally created the work in a smaller scale, as he usually did it with sculptures supposed for public spaces or large exposition spaces. 

EXHIBITION: Victor Vasarely | TER-F2
TAKES PLACE UTNIL: 4. 11. 2018 
VENUE: Museum of Modern Art Olomouc | Galerie
CURATOR: Gina Renotière
INSTALLATION: Filip Šindelář, Vlastimil Sedláček
FILM DOCUMENTARIES: Gina Renotière, Kamil Zajíček ©CEAD