14 Dec 2017
8. 2. 2018 – 29. 4. 2018

8. 2. 2018 – 29. 4. 2018

The sculptural and conceptual work of longtime director of Libuše Šlezarová (1953-2015) knows few people. It is also noteworthy that although the body is so small – only a few dozen clams, rag dolls, bones, paper-mache, wires, and threads – still calls metaphysical meanings. Libuše Šlezarová would just add a lacony: My “work” will fit into one cabinet. In the premises of the Theater of Music – the ultra-lmultic intimate theater, which was a spirited agent for about a quarter of a century, we will begin a retrospective exhibition of her work on the eve of the 65th birthday of the author. A catalog with the texts of Alexandr Jeništa and David Voda, accompanied by a reflection of the works of the author and her own lines about art, is published. The exhibition will run until April 29, 2018.