13 Feb 2017
The retrospective exhibition presents the results of all the previous five years of the Rudolf Eitelberg Prize

Rudolf Eitelberer Prize

1. 10. 2017 – 30. 10. 2017
Music Theater

The exhibition presents the results of all five years of the Rudolf Eitelberg Prize, the best of architecture, urbanism and monument care in Olomouc and the Olomouc Region between 1989 and 2017. Photographs of 39 nominated and five laureates are displayed on the “film strip” and calmly take them in your hands. Get the best of the local architecture.

The prize is named after Rudolf Eitelberger von Edelberg (1817-1885), the founder of heritage care in Austria-Hungary, the first professor of art history at the University of Vienna and the founder of the Museum of Decorative Arts (todays MAK). The promoter of architecture, arts and craft care as one of the few Olomouc natives left a significant trace in the history of cultural Europe. This years recollection of his twenty-year anniversary.

Organized by the Association Za krásnou Olomouc, curators Michaela Johnová-Čapková, Martina Mertová, graphic design Beata Rakowská.
The exhibition will last until October 30, 2017, accessible during the program at the Theater of Music or after prior arrangement on e-mail: jenista@muo.cz