14 Dec 2017
8. 10. - 28. 10. Archdiocese Museum Olomouc | Zdiks palace 8. 10. - 28. 10.

Archdiocese Museum Olomouc | Zdiks palace
8. 10. – 28. 10.

In the spring of 1927, President Tomas G. Masaryk arrives in the Holy Land. It is the first visit of the official head of state in Palestine, then mandated. Although Masaryk declares her own way as a private business, and for security reasons, she is doing business secretly and under a different name, local thinkers, politicians, and ordinary people attach great importance to it. From a symbolic point of view, it is an expression of support and a unique event. History was strangely forgotten, but people in Israel never forgot. For them it was and is “an unforgettable way”. The enthusiasm of the inhabitants of the times can be seen in the photographs presented here and often unpublished.

Apart from the memorable visit of TGM, in the second half of the exhibition, the exhibition also deals with breakthrough historical milestones in mutual relations, namely the creation of the State of Israel, in which Jan Masaryk and Czechoslovak diplomacy played an essential and crucial role in the international field.